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http://gospain.about.com/od/spanishlife/ig/Spanish-Flags/Spanish-Flag.htm Welcome to the HMMS Spanish Home page  Flag of Argentina


Calendar- My classes are split between Blue Days and Red Days.  On the calendar they will be listed as the day and then it is separated by grade level.  Students will know their day the first day of class each year.  Since the days rotate every other day, things such as snow days can change the sequence.  If there is a change in schedule that would push back any work/assignments/assessments to the following day.  See the interactive notebooks in my google classroom to see what we are doing each day.


Grading Categories for the Hartford World Languages Department


I shorten Comprehensible input to CI. Definition of CI


I shorten Organic World Language to OWL. Definition of OWL


I shorten Total Physical Response Storytelling to TPRS. Definition of TPRS


6th grade-


Alphabet/el Alfabeto Hanodut


Greetings/los Saludos Hanodut 


Days/Months/Seasons/ Dias/Meses/Estaciones Handout


Weather/el Tiempo Handout


Numbers/los Números Handout


Numbers/los Números Homework


Telling time/la Hora Handout


Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos  handout


Hispanic Holiday traditions/La Epoca de las Vacaciones- Handout


Gender/number agreement/Concordancia entre el sustantivo y números Handout #1


Noun endings/Los fines de los nombres Handout


Handout #2 


Practice with articles/ Practica con los artículos Homework


Definite vs Indefinite Articles/los Artículos definitos y indefinidos worksheet 


Classroom Objects/Los Objetos de la Clase Handout


Classroom Objects/Los Objetos de la Clase Homework


Colors/los Colores Handout


Colors/los Colores Homework


Family/la familia- handout



7th Grade-


Subject Pronouns/los Pronombres Handout


Subject Pronouns/los Pronombres Review Worksheet


Infinitive Verbs/Los Verbos Infinitivos Handout


Infinitive Verbs with Gustar/Los Verbos Infinitivos con Gustar Worksheet 


How to Conjugate Verbs/Los Verbos Handout


AR Matching/Los verbs AR Worksheet


ER/IR Matching /Los verbos ER/IR Worksheet


AR Sentences/Oraciones con AR Worksheet


ER/IR Sentences/Oraciones con ER/IR Worksheet 


Maya Handout


Adjectives/los Adjetivos Handout


Ser and Estar/ Ser y Estar Handout


Ser/Estar/Adjective Practice quiz/la Pruebita practica sobre Ser/Estar/Adjetivos


Adjectives/los Adjetivos Homework


Questions/ las preguntas handout


Questions/Las preguntas homework


Questions/Las preguntas practice


Ir- to go Handout


Ir homework


Ir practice


Cinco De Mayo history Powerpoint


Cinco de Mayo worksheet



8th Grade-


Tener- to have Handout


Tener written work


Animals/Los Animales Handout



Food/La Comida- handout


Food/la Comida- skit vocab


Food/la comida- worksheet 1   worksheet 2


Yo Changing Verbs/los Verbos Cambiantes del yo Handout


Yo Changing Verbs/los Verbos Cambiantes del yo Review Worksheet


Comparisons/las Comparaciones Handout


Ser/Estar Handout


Adjectives/los Adjetivos Handout


Negation/la negación Handout


 Negation Practice/Practica con la negación Worksheet


Possessives/los Posesivos Handout


Possessives/los Posesivos Worksheet


Furniture, Rooms, Prepositions/los Muebles, los Cuartos y las Preposiciones de Locacion Handout


Find the Mistake/Encuentra el Error Worksheet




6th Grade Audio Page  (this brings you to the 7th grade audio, but it has 6th grade stuff too)


7th Grade Audio Page 


8th Grade Audio Page


Ecuador Power Point


Costa Rica Power Point 





What will we learn in Spanish 1?


New Parent Letter



Info on metacognition 



What is Comprehensible Input/CI traning through Express Fluency?


What is Organic World Language?





Inca/Maya project 



Muslim Invasion and Occupation of Spain



Don Quijote-


Info on the novel




Helpful Websites


spaleon.com review games


quia.com review games (click the blue student zone, select Spanish and pick a review game that covers what you would like to review greetings, verbs etc)


Word Reference.com   translation website


freetranslations.com (they may only type in one word at a time, not a full sentence, or paragraph.  I can tell if they do this because it gives things in the wrong word order and advanced verb forms that they do not yet know how to use.)


Geomania review games


Geography review 


Poem of the Cid


Listening web site/Grammar practice 


Multiple Intelligences info  


Multiple Intelligences test


Don Quijote free audio (only for advanced readers of English since it is not the abridged and simplified version, but college level for those who like a challenge!).


Don Quijote free e book




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